Dem 2 interview



Ahead of Dem2's appearance at Heritage this weekend R$N grabbed him for a quick catch up… here's what he had to say:

You released 'Holding' and 'Deep, Deep again' earlier this year, a big comeback! Why did you decide to release something again after 8 years? And what have you been doing in the mean time?
I just felt it was time to release the tracks as mentioned, i felt they needed a release as i produced them the year before and didn't want them just sitting there.

What relevance would you say garage has in in the current bass music scene?
Garage has had a massive input in the new generation, they were listening to their brothers, uncles, aunts playing them, back in the day GARAGE was what everyone was raving to.

Destiny is still highly acclaimed as one of the pioneering garage tracks of its time.. when you first listened to it before putting it out there, did you have any idea it would have such a lasting impact?
As soon as i produced that i couldn't stop listening to it, everyday. Then got a call from a friend and they said they went to a rave and it was going off.

Dem 2’s killer classic ‘Destiny’?

You now produce alone under the moniker of Dem 2, how does this differ to when you worked as a duo previously?
I've worked under the DEM2 moniker since '87, as a DJ and produced under guises of "children of the night- purple goldfish – U$ Alliance – moral fibre and the latest and best being Brinks n Berg".

Garage music seemed to fall off the radar around 2004… Do you think its here to stay for good this time? And what's different between then and now?
Who knows?? All im doing is making forward thinking Dance music and if it gets played at a garage rave, tech house rave, who cares??

You're playing as part of massive garage lineup this Friday at Heritage, a night that's bringing garage old and new together, what can we expect to see from the event and yourself in particular do you think- Mixing all these big garage names under one roof?
Yeah should be good…. i'm playing some of my old gems and my new beats.

And finally, who in the current music scene are you feeling at the moment?

Do you know i've got too many to mention, old and new and like i said its all house music to me but its got to be real.

Dem2 plays Heritage this weekend.

An exploration of UK garage, 2-step, four-to-the-floor and today’s bass-led incarnations of the classic sound

?Matt Jam Lamont (Tuff Jam Underground Frequencies Era Set)
T.Williams (Garage Set) // Noodles (Groove Chronicles)?
Hot City // Dem 2?El-B (Tighten Up Records)
Slimzee // Dusk & Blackdown?MJE??

Horsepower Productions // Scott Garcia?
DEA Project // DJ Narrows
?Whistla // Smokey Bubblin B
?Rude Boi Brand // Cyanide B?

Friday 11th November 2011 | 10pm-5am
Hidden |100 Tinworth Street, London, SE11 5EQ

Tickets £7.50 early bird / £10 advance / £12 on the door