‘Days Of Being Wild’ Label Night In Dalston, Friday


The restless and unstoppable Days Of Being Wild are hosting a label night at Dalston's newest addition to the Jaguarshoes Collective, the Victoria, this Friday. The label responsible for some stunning output from Lokier, Justin Roberton's Deadstock 33's, and Italo Brutalo, the night calls upon the tremendous selection skills and exciting new live show from labelheads Hotel International (aka Franz Kirmann) and Samuel Berdah to celebrate the release of their newest 12" – From Manilla With Love with offerings from the aforementioned party hosts on both sides. We can expect the Victoria to be booming with rough, slo-mo post-punk techno and balearic, and italo-tinted grooves. And everything in between.

It's free all night and runs from 8pm 'til 2 in the morning. That's Friday night sorted then.

More info on the Beat Manifesto site here.