Dan Beaumont’s 5 For FARR


It’s FARR week round these parts!

As the sun breaks through this years ever present clouds, we’re starting to get pretty bloody excited about heading back into the woodland once again for our love-in with SOCIETY at FARR Festival this year. Featuring a line-up we’re extremely proud of we’ve asked the fine participants to pick us 5 tracks they’ll most certainly be busting out in our tent come the end of next month… 

First up is the London institution that is Dan Beaumont who steps forth to furnish us with some aural excitement on a Monday afternoon. A longtime friend of R$N & SOCIETY, Dan has made the strip (sounds like we’re in Miami) called Kingsland High St his own over the past 5 years. Not content with running the ever excellent Dalston Superstore he headed a few doors down the road and opened up the quickly becoming legendary quality nocturnal manoeuvres spot, Dance Tunnel. Oh and upstairs is pretty much the finest pizza joint in town, Voodoo Ray’s.To top it all off he’s got ridiculous taste in music and is an amazing DJ. God bless him.  Feast your ears on some of these beauties… 

Carl Taylor – Debbie’s Groove (Robert Hood Remix) (EPM)

Ridiculous party jam with a heavy, heavy disco backbone 

Head High – Burning (Keep it… Mix) (Power House)

More high velocity piano from the unstoppable Shed

Spencer Parker – Change Yo Beat (Work Them)
Releases on Spencer Parker’s label Work Them are always essential. This pumps in the best possible way 
48v Spargel Brothers – Bitten (Spargel Trax)
Dusty old house with nine million diva points off the super-limited Don’t Be Afraid offshoot
Gnork – Blorp93 (Blind Jack’s Journey) 
Wonky rave piano handstamped deepness   
Dan plays The Ransom Note Loves SOCIETY tent on 20th July… bring forth the sunshine! 
Full details, including day tickets just released here.