Cosmo Vitelli set to release on Malka Tuti


Cosmo Vitelli is gearing up to release the first in a two-part LP entitled Holiday in Panikstrasse for Berlin via Tel Aviv imprint Malka Tuti.

The Berlin-based DJ, producer and label head of I'm A Cliche fuses elements of krautrock, pop and post-punk on the four track record and exhibits a maturity in his production, a reflection of his inventive studio work since moving to the German capital two years ago.

Across the first part of the LP, Cosmo collaborates with French producer and founder of new label Microdosing, Fantastic Twins, as well as Sebastian Lee Philipp of Die Wilde Jagd and Lee Philipp on tracks 'Groupe Surdose' and 'Die Alraune'.

The first single from the LP to be released is opener 'A Brand New City', his collaborative effort with Fantastic Twins. Cosmo shares some words on the video for the single: "A Brand New City portrays an out of body experience, a sleepwalk through imaginary streets and utopian spaces. It was both inspired by Raymond Scott's lullabies for babies and Cosmo's frequent insomnias."

Holiday in Panikstrasse will be released on May 24th exclusively via Malka Tuti’s Bandcamp, then worldwide on vinyl and digital on May 31st through Kompakt.

Watch the official video of the first single below.

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