Control Freak launch reissue sub-label with LP from Soul Oddity


London’s Control Freak Recordings have launched a new reissue sub-label with Tone Capsule, a seminal LP from Miami duo Soul Oddity.

Originally released as a series of three EPs on Astralwerks in 1996, the reissue compiles the techno, electro and IDM cuts into a fully remastered album, released for the first time on a double LP.

The 11-track release touches on machine-funk, electro, IDM and electronica, with nods to some of the greats in those fields including Drexciya, Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin.


Speaking about the release, one half of the duo Romulo Del Castillo explains: “We’d set sail towards English synthetic roots, we’d sort of agreed to make a bleep record, but a jazzy [one]. Not as sterile as those records were.”

Soul Oddity is comprised of Romulo Del Castillo and Joshua Kay, who paired their shared love of Warp and UK IDM with the sounds brewing in their Miami home base – breaks, Miami bass and hip hop. After a fall out with their original label, the EMI-owned Astralwerks, the duo rebranded themselves as Phoenicia which caught the ear of Warp co-founder Steve Beckett through Autechre.

Tone Capsule is out on 25th November.