Contort Events Morph Into A Label.


After curating and honing the Contort event series into an unorthodox, free-spirited staple for live performance, Hayley and Samuel Kerridge are set to expand their venture to include a label in 2015. Billed as a platform for individuality, with a focus on new talent, Contort will be inaugurated by a Kerridge LP, the follow up to last year’s A Fallen Empire. Entitled Always Offended Never Ashamed and scheduled for release for February the 13th, it promises an unprecedentedly discernible vocal presence coupled with the ‘raw physicality’ synonymous with Kerridge’s productions. Presumably new additions will follow in the wake of its release.

Considering their knack for hosting revered and exploratory artists in interesting settings – Rashad Becker, Bill Kouligas, and Russell Haswell to name a few – the possibility of what’s to come from the label is a tantalizing prospect to consider. A reason to already excitedly anticipate 2015.
If you’re unaware and curious as to what Contort are all about, we interviewed them a while back, read that feature in full here.