Classic 1993 Future Music Sample Cd Makes It Online


Sometime in 1992 – 1993, Future Music magazine released it's first ever cover mounted sample CD. The CD itself was a compilation of bits and bobs from different sound manufacturers- everything from breakbeat loops to vocal hits to blasts of 'ethnic' flute. There were even a couple of beats and samples provided by well known names – Paul Hardcastle, Coldcut, a pre-Fatboy Slim Norman Cook. No doubt Future Music were fairly hopeful for the inspriation the samples would give their readers, but it's doubtful they were ready for what happened; they'd gifted a generation of young producers a tool kit that would be rinsed for the next 3 years.

Listening to the CD now is crazy – there are samples that have cropped up in thousands upon thousands of classic hardcore and jungle tracks, from the '31 seconds' sample that defined Origin Unknown's Valley of the Shadows, to the frantic breakbet Mickey Finn used in Some Justice. Now a kind facebook user on one of the old skool forums we frequent has uploaded the entire CD, including original inlays, to Google Drive. Wooo-eeeee!! 

Our suggestion is that you download this beast before it disappears – here's the link – and get to work playing with the building blocks of UK rave culture… If anyone makes a banger from this, send it in and we'll share it around… 

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