Chloé to release ‘Live’ version of LP


The announcement comes off the back of a rigorous touring schedule and critical acclaim. The live version of "Endless Revisions" will be released in early january next year on Lumière Noire. The album has offered an opportunity for Chloé to reimagine some of the previous work on the album adding new textures and depth based upon live interaction and audience response captured at her live shows. The album in turn then acts as a snapshot of her sprawling collection of recent performances which has included appearances at Nuits  Sonores,  Sónar,  Mutek  (in  Montréal  and  Mexico),  The  Peacock  Society,  and  festivals  such  as  Marsatac,  Musilac  and  Colors  of  Ostrava. 

The album spans fifty minutes in total and the tracklist can be found below: 

1.  Dune  (Revisited)
2.  Because  It’s  There  (Revisited) 
3.  The  Ultimate  High  (Revisited) 
4.  Party  Moonster  (Revisited) 
5.  Outer  Space  (Revisited)
6.  Moonscape
7.  The  Dawn  (Revisited)
8.  The  Blacklash  (Revisited)
9.  Sometimes  (Revisited  2018) 

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