Chin Stroke Records Presents Chinscape


There are few words in this world that can accurately portray our feelings towards DJ Detweiler. In fact, there are probably even less available to describe what it is that he does best without sticking a great big #flutedrop in there. 

Those of you who have had a brush with the glorious DJ before will know about his penchant for the out of the ordinary and there's good news for anyone waiting anxiously for news from our aural hero. His Chin Stroke Records have put together a 12 cassette tape boxset called Chinscape which features over nine hours of "forward-thinking neo-contemporary performative music praxis." They've also got a tour on the way which may have sponsorship from Wimpy – can you think of anything more suitable?

Chinscape comes fully equipped with pieces from (and I promise we didn't make any of these up):

Jason Forrest
Armand Van Hard On (formerly known as Shitmat) 
DJ Detweiler (creator of #flutedrop)
DJ Bus Replacement Service
DJ George Costanza
Harry Riddick
DJ Dadmagnet
Prophet Zebadiah
DJ Marcos 2020
DJ Kalimoxo
Teknikolour Fritzl and Edwin Triumph
Roger Species
Andrex Weatherall
DJ Fruit Polo
The Alan Carr Projekt
Snapp Dogg
An Unnecessarily Justified with Neal R Splat – The Devil's Spinback (Story Tape)

Here's DJ Dadmagnet showing you what's on offer;

Are you aroused yet?

Order your copy of Chinscape, as modelled above, right here.