Chemical Brothers ‘swoon’ remix


Lindstrom and Prins Thomas have been revitalising the remix for a while now, stripping away all their target tracks instrumentation and replaying the melodies on the fuzziest of bass guitars, the twinkliest of synths and the warmest of drum kits.

Here they take the Brothers self vocalled techno love song and caress it into a nine minute pop masterpiece. There are elements of the melancholic school yard new wave of XTC, and a touch of the dusty groove of Air (Im thinking Virgin Suicides soundtrack). The vocal itself (and the Chems arent revealing which of them is responsible) is great, pitched between 60's psychedelia and Bernard Sumners flattened tones.

The remix has taken off from the more uncomfortable original and gloriously morphed into a hazy summer mirage of heat and longing, and deserves to be heard wherever the sun is shining for the rest of the year.