Chateau Marmont


You know for years I was sure Kraftwerk sang fun fun fun on the autobahn and I thought that was great, because, really, who doesnt have fun crawling back and forth on the M25, perhaps popping into a vast motorway side Esso complex to buy a coffee for 30 quid from a human with webbed fingers and squinting psychopaths eyes. And then I learnt they were actually singing in German. Thats right ! auf Deutsche ! and they were just saying (in German) that they drive on the motorway. No mention of fun whatsoever. Downer. I only mention this because all four tracks on this EP sound like Autobahn, or at least a bit like Kraftwerk anyway. Well, quite a lot like Kraftwerk actually. And do you know what? It turns out thats a good thing. And although I think the lyrics are in English, the band are French and they sing through vocoders Im not sure what about really, but they really have got the cold Gallic electronic sleaze pop thing down very well, and I recommend giving this a listen whilst pretending youre a multi cocked love robot from the year 2677 being imagined into existence by an erotic scientist woman in 1976.

Ian Mcquaid