Introducing Gilbert Cohen aka  Gilb’r who along side Nicolas Chaix (I:Cube) form ‘Chteau Flight ‘ is known for his love of hip hop the former ex radio jock has been also known for his drum and bass sets with the likes of Fabio & Grooverider during the 90’s. Having such a diverse knowledge and understanding of music the pair formed in 1997 with pretty much an open agenda. Just as well really, as its gone on to see them release various remixes and albums on his record own label ‘Versatile’ and both of them together along side Tigersushi label boss Joakim and Etienne Jaumet form the ‘versatile noise troopers’.

So what can you expect from Chteau Flight?
Music that is infused with dark disco, experimental house and techno. Chteau Flight is a project which allows them to try any idea or technical process and make it work. so much so that one of their works were written for the silent film Les Vampires and the EP Boroque which was released on Berlin’s Innversions label, home to Ame, Dixon and Henrick Schwarz. Once quoted as having a level of complexity that no one else out there seems to be able to reach at present. We caught up with Gilb’r ahead of his exclusive Chteau London show at the Horse & Groom on 31st March.

Where are you right now?
In the train, on my way back to Paris from Amsterdam

How did you and Nicolas meet?
Nicolas sent me a tape,when i was working at Radio Nova in Paris,full of his material,it was 17 years ago,and since then,we kept working together.
Versatile has beeN going for 15 years now, whats the secret to staying so strong?
For me,that would be to be still to be able to be surprised by music.That’s why I named the label this way,cause I did want to release and produce different kind of stuff.This way, I’m never bored. I am also a music lover and the artist always keep me entertained by playing to me great music i never heard of.

What can we expect from the Flight for 2013
Some more music! Nicolas has been busy working on his I:Cube project for quite a while,so we’ll hopefully back to the studio more often.But for now it will be a 12″ on Permanent Vacation (April) and we will also tour with a special project:we are covering some music of the great Terry Riley together with a 5 pieces orchestra. We have made 2 shows so far and we really enjoyed the experience to play outside of a club.
You’re playing the Horse & Groom in Shoreditch, London on Easter Sunday, what do you like  about london?
What i like is the knowledge and involvment into music,and the fish and chips.
Any tours planned for the Verstile Noise Troopers?
Not really.VSN is more like a one off thing.Only live band,no recordings.And as we are travelling with a lot of equipment,it is sometimes tricky to make it happen.For exemple,past time we played in Italy,and we hired a driver just to move the equipment.Plus now a member of the band(Joakim) is living in NYC.But we have a gig planned in Leipzig in october
If your sound was a visual thing, what would it look like?
Sometimes it could be a train riding very fast, sometime it could be a house in the middle of the forest,sometimes some monochromic colors.
Complete the sentence: I’m proper techno because.
God made me that way.
Are you a kick drum, hi hat or a snare? And why?
Hi hat,cause it is the part of the drums who gives the most floating groove,as the 2 others are generally marking a time very precisely,the hi-hat is somewhere in between those.
What are you obsessed with at the moment?
The ass of my girlfiend
What was the music of your teenage rebellion?
i have to admit it was hard-rock,but kinda crappy commercial one.i feel much more rebel nowdays.,expect it is not against something.
First and last record bought?
1st one,Crusaders/Street life
Last one: Sheila Shandra in the great second hand store Redlight music in Amsterdam
Whats the best piece of music youve ever heard?
It’s a hard one to answer,as it is obviously changing all the time.this week would be The Cure,Carnage visors,an obscure soundtrack from one them,mosty instrumental,and release on a k7.
Whats your favourite place on earth?
The ass of my girlfriend,just kidding. Some places in Brazil,with beach,sun,drinks,my friends and my kids.Maybe an island in from of Bahia.

Chateau Flight play the Horse & Groom on Easter Sunday. Full details and  4 tickets (!) available here.

Complied by Teil Nornton & Jac the Disco