Catalepsia – Les Seigneurs EP


Regular perusers of this publication's scribing – if one can call it that – will notice that I've been drawing attention to the fact I never have time to write anything at the moment… well I'm going to do it again here. I've slept on this track rather embarassingly for the past month or so. The lovely Days of Being Wild gave me the privilige of an upfront-ness and I haven't returned the love, so here it is! Their 5th release does indeed mark a return to dark, brooding techno.

The press blurb puts it so much better than my brain feels able to at present so I'll leave you in their capable hands:

"This cut by DOBW's co-funder Jerome "Catalepsia" Bazzanella, is a heavy on the floor slice of futuristic techno, constructed around a cyclic discoid baseline. As distressing sci-fi effects collides and crash into each other, a dehumanized vocoded voice enunciates random numbers. Scary.

James Savage and Jonnie Wilkes AKA Naum Gabo I'm sure you all know tighten the track up… 

"Naum Gabo's varied palette of sounds – noir-ish hybrids of seminal underground house, muscular arrpegiated italo, dubby cosmic atmospherics, jagged percussion of new-wave discotheque, analogue synthesized funk – has been distinguished by releases on Kompakt, Cross Town Rebels, Eskimo Recordings and Endless Flight, releases with which the duo have built a reputation as purveyors of the high quality electronic music and production.

For their remix of "Les Seigneurs" by Catalepsia, Naum Gabo have completely re-built the electronic rhythm and brought it fully into the forefront, creating a solid bass spine for the track, layering jacking hi-hats and hand claps. Naum Gabo retain the originals spectral, fluttering keyboard signatures, re-calibrating the atmospherics into a muscular slice of a soundtrack perfect for any dark-room rave."

It's out this week – go buy it!
Digital and physical on the fantastic Bandcamp which should be supported at every available opportunity. In fact Mr Brackpool you should go work for em!
Or on Juno here

Catalepsia – Les Seigneurs (Original Mix) PREVIEW by Days_Of_Being_Wild

Catalepsia – Les Seigneurs (Naum Gabo Remix) PREVIEW by Days_Of_Being_Wild