Caroline K’S Lost Cult Lp “Now Wait For Last Year” To Be Re-Issued


Caroline K's 1985 album of post-industrial synth music (her only published solo work) has gained a fervent following over the 30 years since it's release, with original copies extremely rare and costly. She took the title of the album, which can be described as industrial, minimal synth or proto-techno, from a 1966 sci-fi novel by Philip K. Dick. She formed Nocturnal Emissions in 1980 with Nigel Ayers, contributing voice, synthesizer, bass and later they also co-founded Sterile Records, one of the key underground imprints of its time, home to music from the likes of SPK, Lustmord and Maurizio Bianchi. In later life Walters retreated from the public eye, moving to Garfagnana, Italy, where she resided until her death from leukaemia on July 12, 2008.

Caroline K – Now Yait For Last Year is released by Blackest Black Ever on 26th April and can be pre-ordered HERE.