C.A.R. Set To Self Release New Ep ‘Strange Ways’


Chloe Raunet, the Canadian-born, London-based artist making music under the moniker C.A.R. (and a weekly contributor to R$N), is self releasing her forthcoming EP next month. "Strange Ways", composed in the final dregs of 2016 and co-produced by Smagghe & Cross, follows a number of standout releases for such labels as Ivan Smagghe's Les Disques De La Mort, Kompakt, Watergate Records and Kill The DJ. 'Amnesia' is all about the 909 hi-hat, and the track jacks its way towards a cheeky wink to Detroit. The title track taps into Chloe's vintage synth-driven pop sensibilities, and 'All But…' is decribed as  "woolly, woven & druggy". The album comes with a superb homemade video and self-made artwork, in a return to Chloe's DIY roots. 

C.A.R. – Strange Ways will be available via her Bandcamp on 14th February 2017. Make it your Valentine gift to someone special.

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