C.A.R. set to release third album on Ransom Note Records


It's with some excitement that we announce Canadian-born, London-based producer, songwriter and vocalist Chloé Raunet AKA C.A.R. is set to release her third album on Ransom Note Records, Crossing Prior Street

Her individual take on electronic pop celebrates the beauty amidst the gloom and revisits her story of escaping a broken childhood in Vancouver and finding herself in East London at the age of 16.

It's a journey of internal reconciliation, both emotionally, artistically and sonically, which manifests in the juxtaposition of sounds and styles acoss the 10 tracks. Chloé hails this as a defining characteristic of the album which is realised through sparse and minimal production elements that blend booming drum machines, skewed post punk and esoteric pop.

Chloé pens some words on the inspiration behind the album: “the one time in my life I lived alone, it was on a street called Prior. I was halfway through my teens and the place had lasting impact. This was a tiny, creaky flat, high in the eaves of an old wooden townhouse. Damp and cold, run down, sparsely furnished. Bare bulbs dangled from the ceiling, eyeing up the midnight visitors who’d come knowing at my fire escape. I’d let them in and lie limp as they crawled all over me. Thin mattress on the floor, welcoming whatever company I could get.”

The album marks her second long player on Ransom Note Records, following Pinned in 2018 and the subsequent Pinned Down and Pinned Up remix EPs, which featured fresh takes on Chloé's productions from the likes of Michael Mayer, Jonny Rock, Fantastic Twins and Khidja.

Following the single release of 'Pressure Drop' – complete with a remix from Suzanne Kraft – in November, the full album will see the light of day on 27th March with further remixes from the likes of Radioactive Man, Trenton Chase and Anna Wall…

C.A.R. Tour Dates 2020
Feb 29 – Solarium, Berlin
Apr 07 – Sebright Arms, London
Apr 08 – YES Basement, Manchester
Apr 10 – Flying duck, Glasgow
Apr 24 – Hotel 71, Lyon
Aug 01 – Garbicz Festival, Poland
Aug 6/9 – Houghton Festival, UK