Camisole announce mini LP from La Stèle des Pleurs


Originating from the Parisian suburbs the La Stèle des Pleurs project has become a familiar feature in the catalogue of Camisole Records, an imprint which continues to intrigue and inspire. The label has been an outlet for experimental music spanning a breadth of genres and is as much focussed on rediscovering hidden gems via the likes of its compilation series as it is supporting fresh faced musical talent. Last year saw the label release music by Shelter alongside reissued material by Coldreams, Serge Bulot. Pascal Wathelet and more. 

The new release from La Stèle des Pleurs is the first piece of music to appear on the imprint in 2019 and is the fourth time that the group has featured on the label. Inspired by the underground tape scene of the 80's their music is built up entirely of analogue equipment in the form of tape recorders, synths and drum machines. The mini LP is titled  'La Voix des Vieux Temps' and features seven tracks. Camisole Records have described their sound as being "untouched by the contemporary world and influences, recorded in order to compose their own enigmatic but familiar universe."

The release will be available from the 5th of March.