Boyz Noize


There are many many types of people in the world, but for the purposes of this review were going to divide them into twothose who know when theyre onto a good thing and those who dont.

For example; say you had a unfashionable government that was none the less running the country fairly well in incredibly difficult world economic circumstances, avoiding a massive tits up collapse and gaining plaudits from economists around the globe. And next to them you had an entirely dubious collection of crooked toffs who didnt really give a tiny ball sack about anything but geeing up their trust funds, whipping poor people, getting wanked off while choking on an orange, and blaming the sorry shit state they get the country into on the Polish housemaid.

Some people, perhaps a wiser sort of person might, just might, decide to stick with the hoary old safe pair of hands sure in the knowledge that unpopular though they may be with our jittery amoral utterly self interested media, they actually know what theyre doing. And other people, Idiots let’s call them, will decide that- against all common sense – it’s time to stick in a completely untried set of vicious brats in a bizarre sort of sink or swim maneuver, where about a million people sink if/ when they fuck it all up. These people, the idiots, they bought albums by The Others* when they came out. They genuinely thought Northern Uproar were the new kings of rock n roll. They are stupid and they are allowed to vote.

Ummmm. So to bring this metaphor into some sort of relevance. Boyz Noize arent stupid and with tweaking from Tiga theyve produced a massive electro techno banger that is probably quite unfashionable at the moment, in that its not minimal or disco or cold wave or whatever, but it sounds how they sound and is loud and has an intense and aggravating breakdown that made my dog have a freakout, and you know its really good.

*Not the dubstep lot, the crack smoking libertines lite tone deaf chaps of the early noughties.

Ian Mcquaid

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