Boy 8 Bit


The first track on this EP is inspired by a ropey 80s horror flick of the same name. The films got Nazis (played by English actors using English accents) hunting for treasure in a haunted keep until they release a sort of vicious hell vapour and need the help of a mad old Jew to sort it all out. Its also got a score produced by Tangerine Dream- a truly amazing score of swirling ominious chords, swoops of arpeggio epiphany and washed out synthesised psychedelia. So while the Boy 8 Bit track is a good chunky electro bouncer, a little acidic, a little housey, and effective on the dancefloor, Ive spent the last hour listening to the Tangerine Dream Keep soundtrack instead, which ironically, I would have never heard of if the man 8 Bit hadnt named his track after it. How very unfair.*

*To be fair I should point out that the other 3 tracks on the Boy 8 Bit are good as well, particularly the lovely, melancholic melody of Restricted 18. I just got a bit obsessed by the Tangerine Dream stuff Im afraid.

Ian Mcquaid

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