Bobmo Releases Tribute To 90s Rave Videos


WARNING. If you were actually raving in the 90s, this item may leave you with the uncomfortable sensation of fleeting mortality cold clutching at your heart. Or is that just me? Bobmo, who’s been producing excellent dancefloor liveners since back when he was knocking out blocky techno on Institubes  has just released a video to accompany the croony house styling of his latest shuffler-friendly cut ‘When I Look’ – and video creators Eyebodega and Michael Willis have delivered a scarily accurate imitation of 90s rave videos in the accompanying clip.

Utilising antediluvian CGI tech, the duo have knocked together a wonderland of jerky vector graphics, cosmic imagery, and stuff that looks good when you’ve just bummed your fourth Mitsi. Admittedly it looks great, in a purposefully low tech, wonky way, but this particular scribe can’t help feeling a certain nostalgia for a time when dance music concerned itself with cutting edge technology and imagining the future as a beautiful, obtainable paradise, rather than making knowingly crap rehashes of stuff from 20 years ago. But then I’m probably just getting old.

The tunes a good ‘un still, and out to buy now via Marble Records