Bloom makes his long-awaited return with ‘Sfumato’


Despite having released just a handful of records, Bloom's influence can be felt pulsing throughout the underground club music spectrum. His economical 2012 debut 'Quartz' still stands as one of the most impactful records of the decade, and quickly became an anthem for the then-ascendant instrumental grime scene.

Since then, the Belfast producer's output has been limited to two excellent EPs which pushed his sound into more abstract, experimental territory, and a pair of stunning Björk remixes commissioned by the artist herself. Out 23rd November via Crazylegs, Bloom's new EP Sfumato is his most extensive project to date, clocking in at six tracks which juxtapose his trademark disruptive elements against romantic synths, resulting in a disorientating melange of violence and beauty.

Pre-order the EP here and stream lead single 'Nutrient' below: 

Sfumato tracklist:

01. Cruxx
02. Dark Energy
03. Speed
04. Nutrient
05. Witch Hazel
06. Gita

Sfumato is out 23rd November via Crazylegs, pre-order it here.

Lead image: Chad Alexander