Bjorn Torske Plays Canavan’s On Saturday


Obviously there's something in the water; Norway's got a strong lineage when it comes to their electronic exports, a long list featuring a warm vein of disco-inflected house which veers between vehemently visceral party tracks and carefully considered introspection. Todd Terje, Prins Thomas and his Internajional label, Skatebaard, Röyksopp, Telephones, Rune Lindbæk, along with Sotofett, DJ Fettburger and his variations of the unstoppable Sex Tags label make the nation a reliable, relentless source of forward thinking, idiosyncratic sounds.

Bjorn Torske probably doesn't need an introduction, his undeniable disco-inflected house is intricately layered; visceral grooves via painstaking arrangement. His DJ sets are the stuff of legend as well, and somehow the brains behind ZouZou have coaxed him over to appear at the intimate South London institute of dance and pool, Canavan's, this Saturday. Oh yeah and he's playing for four hours. M8.

Support wabs comes from Puwaban Male, an insane talent behind the decks and a very nice guy indeed.

Get more info about the event here and more info about ZouZou here. It's all pay (very little) on the door but ABSOLUTELY don't miss this. And get down early, Canavan's fills up quick these days.