Berlin based outlier Omen up next on Outer Reaches with Prol


Berlin based outlier and producer Hannah Schiefelbein aka Omen helms the next release on the Ransom Note affiliated DIY / experimental label Outer Reaches.

Titled Prol and comprised of twelve tracks the release is the first contemporary material to emerge on the label after a couple of cult, provincial post-punk reissues put out last year.

Intermittently written & recorded between 2015 and 2019 across Berlin, Australia & Peru, Prol promises 'battered late capitalist synth pop, defective cassette dub, combative scraps of industrial noise and traces of deliriously unsound vocal R&B' and is described as an alliance between 'the crepuscular, brooding gravities of Varg & SARS’ Född Död project, the attritional grind of an Industrial Records live cassette, the abbreviated, weathered tape montages of O$VMV$M, the broad estrangement of a Lolina / Inga Copeland record, and even – at a push – the crude and wayward gait of an early Ruff Sqwad demo.'

Themes of 'ill-fated relationships, narcissism, hedonism, admiration, repulsion and all the other usual – and usual – consequences of shared experience under untrammelled capital' form the crux of the release's conceptual focus whilst the final track, titled City of London, features a collaboration with the designer behind Prol's artwork, Marijn Degenaar, rooted in 'a predictive text creation'.

Prol is released on C39 cassette and digital download on April 26th.

Watch the official video for My Baby & check the artwork / tracklisting below.


A1 | 1 – Mr Freedom
A2 | 2 – YR
A3 | 3 – U Don’t Know Y
A4 | 4 – Who Is
A5 | 5 – My Baby
A6 | 6 – Call From U
B1 | 7 – People
B2 | 8 – Hardwired
B3 | 9 – Hond4
B4 | 10 – Ironic Rebels
B5 | 11 – Trippy Miso
B6 | 12 – City of London