Beats In Space announces new album from Andras


The record label, run by Tim Sweeney, will release a full length LP from Andras Fox early next year. The album, titled "Joyful", features seven tracks which are largely club focussed in the sense that they feature driving drums and percussion throughout. As per the album also feature plenty of playful musicality and melody as has become a staple of his own musical output as of late. Andras, real name Andrew Wilson, has released a large body of music across the past eight years for the likes of Growing Bin, Efficient Space, Public Possession, Mexican Summer and more. 

The album draws upon various influences and merges the intricacies of mainstream dance and electronic music alongside that of the leftfield and underground. There's even nods to folk music dotted throughout the new LP. 

A track is streaming online now… 

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