Bawrut and a secret special guest B2B all night long for new Ransom Note party


Introducing Ruins, a new party for the people without the price tag, brought to you by Ransom Note & Greco-Roman.

For the inaugural soiree on 13th February we've invited our very own Bawrut to play B2B with a secret special guest from open till close, at a newly discovered basement in our stomping ground of Aldgate.

Who our guest might be, time will tell. There’s life in these ruins and they’ll serve you well. We ask of you little, a midnight request, a stagger, a stumble. Perhaps a rumba, a 4/4, it’s turbo. 

Beneath the shadow of the city, far from the dizzy heights of tower blocks and skyscrapers, the same old backstreets play promise to the life and soul of London. The city may lie in ruins but we do not. Our culture, our castle stands tall. 

Fiver on the door. Find out more.