Balance Club / Culture Festival announce compilation with TVS1, Animistic Beliefs and Tadleeh


Interdisciplinary festival The Balance Club / Culture Festival have announced their first compilation Tender Squads, which features tracks from DJs and producers who would have played at the third edition of the festival.

The Liepzig-based festival, who are dedicated to exploring the various genres of contemporary club culture, reflect these styles across the release which features artists like TVS1, Animistic Beliefs, Tadleeh, Moesha and Kablam.

With this year’s edition of the festival, which was set to take place between 20th-24th May, sadly cancelled due to the current lockdown measures, the festival instead moved the proceedings to their website. Over the weekend the website hosted DJ sets, lectures, multimedia texts, workshops, artist talks and audio-visual works by artists including Dopplereffekt, Anastasia Kristensen, Torus, Nazira, Resom, Sarah Farina and many more, all of which is now archied on the website.

Watch the video for Lamb Kebab & Doll Face’s track ‘Burn’ below…

Buy Tender Squads. Visit the Balance Festival website.