Apollo Announces New Sw:Svn Ep


The record label is set to release a new six track EP from the infamous pair of musicians whom have been critically acclaimed and praised for their work on SUED. The EP marks the first time that they have worked collaboratively as a duo in the studio despite having appeared on many releases together across the years. The release on Apollo follows on from the reissue of 'The Album' which was originally first released back on SUED. As such their appearance on the new EP marks the second outing on the record label with the forthcoming EP titled obscurely as 'AMB1805'. The release will be available from the 25th of May next month on both vinyl and digital. The full tracklist can be seen below: 

1. 10-10- nomix
2. dx n-lip
3. 11-10-17.1
4. la-400x
5. tx 77 hinten
6. tr.rd.

Buy the release HERE

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