Aphex Twin Caustic Window Lp Sells For $46,300


Last week the dance world went crazy when the entire long lost Aphex Twin LP Caustic Window surfaced on YouTube. At the same time the original pressing of the album that the digital was taken from – one of only 4 ever made – was placed on eBay. When we wrote the piece last week, bidding on the album stood at $6K. Now the auction has finished, with the album selling to a mystery buyer for an eye-popping $46,300 (that's around £27,000 in real money folks).

As with any Aphex related story, there's a bit of extra weirdness thrown in – the winning bidder has only ever bid on one other item on eBay, causing many to call into question the veracity of the account – however the next closest bidder, losing out after refusing to go higher than $46,200 – is clearly from a genuine account, having numerous previous transactions. Is the whole thing a fit up? Who has the record?

One thing is certain – this is one of the most expensive records of all time, going for noticably more than a sealed mint copy of the Beatles infamous 'dead babies' version of 'Yesterday and Today' commanded  ($33,000 since you asked).

At Ransom Note we've been scratching our heads to come up with a potential buyer and, frankly, we haven't got a bloody clue. With wild theories ranging from Dr Dre spunking some of his Beats money, to dance music 'loving' Samantha Cameron splashing some of the cash she's assuming hubby Dave will pocket from some future NHS sell off, the list of mental moneybags round the world is endless. Any ideas? We're all ears…