Anton Newcombe & Tess Parks Drop Psyched Out New Video


Anton Newcombe continues his spot of moonlighting from Brian Jonestown Massacre in typically accomplished style. The eccentric songwriter has teamed up Toronto born, London based singer Tess Parks to record a forthcoming album I Declare Nothing, and, based on the video the duo have released today, they'll be exploring a dimly lit world steeped in menacing Velvet Underground-esque psychedelia.

Past work may have seen the Anglophile Newcombe play with the whimsy of 60s English psyche – the video for German Tangerine has nothing of the sort, creeping down claustrophobic pathways of drone and smacky blues. Newcombe and Parks pull it off with the ease, and signs look good for the album, which is set for release on June 29th. Listen to German Tangerine below.