Anthoney Hart Enlists All-Star Grime Lineup For East Man Debut On Planet Mu


Best know for his pirate-radio channelling work as Basic Rhythm and Imaginary Forces, Anthoney Hart has adopted a new moniker for his next project. East Man will debut on Planet Mu with the album Red, White & Zero, out 16th February 2018, with liner notes from esteemed scholar Paul Gilroy.

The album finds Hart carving out cold, pared-down grime instrumentals, and features a stupendous cast of London MC talent including Killa P, Kwam and YGG's Saint P and Lyrical Strally. Informed by dancehall, DnB and techno but finding its own individual space, this new "hardcore continuum mongrel" sound is described by Hart as 'Hi Tek'.

Below, listen to 'Look & Listen' which features Darkos Strife on mic duties:

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