Another Island Present: The Saga of Den Harrow


Another Island have taken the time to send us the story of Den Harrow and songwriter/ arch nemesis Tom Hooker. The story has to be seen to believed and is played out here for your pleasure.

Witness the greatest saga of Italo pop history never told:

The Terrible Case of Den Harrow vs. Tom Hooker and Life After The Italo Pop Bubble Bursts….

One of the most infamous faces in Italo Pop is Den Harrow  (real name:Stefano Zandri)
with hits like" Future Brain" “Catch The Fox” “Mad Desire” and "Bad Boy" (witness the strangest TV appearance ever broadcast … prepare your eyes! This is truly disturbing!)

 He became a huge star for reasons apparent in the above mentioned video not just in Italy but all over Europe with regular top ten hits and a reputation as the real macho man with the tender heart.     However his image and sound was all a clever construct; a pretty face to front a pop project with various singers and songwriters drafted in to complete the construction.
 The main singer who everyone associates the Den Harrow sound with was actually Tom Hooker (born Massachusetts USA) who provided the over the top and bonkers lyrics to the 3 minute epics such as Future Brain (sample lyric: ‘…future brain you great computer. It’s insane to program everybody's love. Future brain your list is longer but you're to blame 'cause you don't know how stupid you are…).  Classic Italo word play and themes of computers controlling our emotions – They predicated the future of Zuckerburg sadness and misanthropy!

Recently Harrow has been making some decent coin in eastern Europe making personal appearances (Malls openings, Gym openings ) and using the same Tom Hooker backing track on the early hits,  stating that he was always the original singer and that he can sing in English. Tom Hooker found out and recorded a bizarre press conference style in which he sits with Miki Chierigato, the producer responsible for the creation of the Den Harrow character, and issues a cease and desist style notice which was posted on YouTube – and of course Harrow retaliated threatening to come to Las Vegas, " city of drunks " and "kick his ass “. Witness the unintentional hilarity unfold including a dire appearance by Den in an Eastern European shopping mall blatantly lip synching and wearing some bizarre one armed shirt affair.

 Proving that he is a bit of a big baby Harrow also appeared on the Italian Version of "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here ". Dirty Den was accused of stealing bread from the communal bread basket – when Den was rumbled under interrogation in a live link up with a studio audience he broke down in floods of tears and pleaded for forgiveness to his long suffering wife….
Witness the pathetic display, from a man whom once lip-synched to such manly proclamations as "…all their lips are burning hot. Some dress "Valentino"others wear T-shirts to show what a shapely bust they've got. I can't refuse them when they come to me."

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