Anna Lann releases new single ‘Feeling Emotional’ and announces EP on Ransom Note Records


Latvian-born, Tel Aviv artist Anna Lann is that most rare of creators – not simply a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of many. Producer, composer, singer, videographer, visual artist, dancer and DJ, she excels at capturing the imagination through audacious creations.

Out 30th November, we're very proud to present Embodiment, Anna’s first EP on Ransom Note Records. The music does its utmost to evade description, existing in a state of perpetual motion and terminal formlessness. Over four singular tracks she projects a thrilling blend of techno, experimental electronics and left-field pop music, realised in pristine and often brutal sound design.

Lann’s originals are accompanied by four stellar remixes courtesy of Panorama Bar resident Nick Höppner, DJ/graffiti writer Richard Sen, and Ransom Note artists Flug 8 and Placid One.

“The project is striving to present the quest for inner change and its outward manifestation”, Lann explains. “It’s a metamorphosis of human consciousness, the possibility of inner change and its external incarnation through the eyes of the beholder, dealing with the study of the phenomenon of change and its codification."

Pre-order the EP here and stream lead single 'Feeling Emotional' below:

Embodiment tracklist:

1) Embodiment
2) Carabela
3) Feeling Emotional
4) Mozart's Requiem in D Minor
5) Feeling Emotional (Nick Höppner Remix)
6) Feeling Emotional (Richard Sen Remix)
7) Feeling Emotional (Flug 8's Ambient Incantation)
8) Carabela (Placid One's Ambi Mix)

Embodiment is out 30th November via Ransom Note Records and you can pre-order it here.

Lead image: Guy Nahum Levi