Anja Schneider Interview


The mobilee rooftop was, by all accounts another belter this year… with a little un' in tow now mobilee records founder Anja Schneider is still a "perpetual motion machine". Broadcaster, internationally renowned DJ and producer she's without doubt and one of the hardest working individuals in this thing called music.  From her beginnings in radio her ascension through the ranks has been fuelled by her sharp tastemaker instinct, charming personality and innate musicality. Ahead of her and mobilee's takeover at the Casablanca Summer Sunday Sessions launch this Sunday we caught up with the first lady of mobilee for a few words… 

Afternoon Anja, looking forward to Sunday's all day session at Loft Studios.  Casablanca takes place at The Loft, a special space in NW London. The last few years have seen London gripped by a trend for putting on parties in unconventional locations. In Berlin, with the likes of Berghain, Tresor ect this has been de rigeur for some time. What’s the best space you’ve ever played in?
For me the best club to play in Berlin has to be Panoramabar. The sound is amazing and also the atmoshere is totally unique. But recently in Berlin there are some new and interesting parties with newly discovered locations.  The scene is constantly changing, which is refreshing and a lot of previously unused locations like Stattbad or Renate make for a new party experience. 

What is it about Berlin that makes it so prosperous in terms of arts and culture, and particularly music? Do you think it is solely down to cheap rents and supportive politics allowing people to follow their artistic aspirations, or something a bit more profound?
Honestly the easy living is the main reason why Berlin is so attractive.  It goes without saying that if you are not constanstly worrying about money, the flow of creativity is much easier and you can get on with living your life.
How has the electronic music scene in Berlin changed since you set out on your career?
It's always developing and growing here in Berlin. It's not that we have this typical "Berlin Sound " because everything is possible. We have many artists and creatives living here but also the space and room for everyone to breathe and that makes it interesting.  There is a collective understanding amongst us in Berlin and not the feeling of competition, which feels good.
You came into the public consciousness through working on the radio, which you continue to do today. When you were growing up, what shows were you listening to and what really inspired you to get involved with music in the first place? What shows do you tune into today?
Ha ha honestly back in the days (20years ago!) I grow up with BFBS and the Steve Mason Show. I am a huge fan of Berry Graves and of course John Peel was the God of everything!
For the uninitiated, what can we expect to hear in an Anja Schneider set?
Music which is sexy, makes you dance all night and be happy and sends you home with a smile on your face.
Having recently played Sonar, did you discover any new music/artists out there that got you really excited? What were your personal highlights?
It's maybe selfish to say but honestly for me the highlight of Sonar was our mobilee rooftop parties on friday and saturday.
Unfortunatly we had a terrible experience with our  big pool session at the Montjuic Olympic pool on Thursday which was shut down. It was not in our hands and we don't know what happened and I felt terrible for all the people who had come.  It was a terrible experience and I felt very bad for all the people involved. 
What is coming up in the near future with Mobilee? Any new artists we should look out for? Are you planning more multimedia stuff, such as the DVD film on Pan Pot you recently put out?
Take a look on SAFEWORD – two amazing friends from san Francisco…..and then we welcome Stuart Geddes from Mulletover London.
The Casablanca parties offer a subtle nod to the glory days of disco, the days of the loft, the garage etc. If you could be transported back in time to any point in musical history, where would we find you and what would you be doing?
Studio 54, trying to be Jerry Hall ?
Listening to your music, I find a lot of it has a duality going on between quite an industrial sound and a tropical feeling. Is this something that you’re conscious of, and has it come about through travelling to so many exotic places to DJ, while continuing to live in Berlin?
Because I have my friends here, my son, my love, my home and of course my record company mobilee!
What do you use to compose your music? Hardware; software; real instrumentation?
What have been your experiences of London? I know you’ve played NYE parties as well as an epic set for A Night With…Do you like the place and the people, or do you think the place is a dump and we’re all miserable uptight workaholics?!
London is my favourite city and If i could I would love to spend more time there. I have several really good friends there. I love the vibe, the food, the humour, the education and the fashion.
Finally, the shutters at Casablanca have come up – the lights have come on but you’ve just got time to play one last tune. What is it?
Ha ha we will see. 

Anja plays Casablanca's Opening Party this Sunday 1st July alongside mobilee's, Gerd Janson, Simon Baker, Rob Mello, outdoor cinema, a Gelato truck… and whole lot more at the rather special Loft Studios. Sunday's in the capital are looking up… so's the weather! 
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Check her recent Sonar mix below…