Animal Collective Release Live Album ‘Live At 9.30’


'Live at 9:30' is the first live album Animal Collective have released which takes all of it's tracks entirely from a single show. Recorded at the iconic Washington venue 9:30 (geddit?), the record/3xLP boxset features tracks from their decade spanning career like 'What Would I Want? Sky', 'My Girls', and 'The Purple Bottle'. It's also available to download on Friday but that definitely won't come with a hand sewn album cover (the first 100 come with a limited edition screenprinted show poster) or whatever reason they can think for charging £30 for a live album.

They've also got a trippy new website which is probably quite fun if you've just done a bump of anything (I don't know WHAT you mean – Ed.). Check it here. And buy their record from Domino if you like.