Andrew Weatherall Reveals Details Of Earthy New Label Moine Dubh


Moine Dubh, Moine Dubh.. What romantic words. Pronounced "moyn doo" Moine Dubh is the Gaelic terms for the black peat soil from the bogs of Ireland and northern England.

The unique properties of such soil, its density and low oxygen content, means that many prehistoric bodies that fell into or were deposited into peat bogs are miraculously preserved with skin, hair and organs intact when excavated in modern times. The most famous examples of these "bog bodies" found in Ireland and the UK include Gallagh Man who was apparently strangled to death in County Galway around 400 BCE, Lindow Man who was probably stabbed and thrown in a Cheshire bog around the 1st century CE, and Worsley Man who was garroted and beheaded around the same era in Manchester.

Got that?

Moine Dubh is also the name of Mr Andrew Weatherall's brand new subscription label which will be showcasing folk and pop music close to his heart, all released on 7" vinyl.  

The musical champion of many flavours has been rummaging around in the deep soil apparently:

"It was whilst was digging for peat on this land that my spade struck the metal box.

A box buried in the rich dark layer.

A box buried in the moine dubh.

On retrieving it and opening up what looked like an ammo tin

I found it to be full of a quarter inch magnetic tape…

Tapes full of music now committed to vinyl"

Well thank goodness for that.

A £50 subscription gets you 5 records, and 30 lucky buggers will get a golden ticket, if you will, in the form of a limited edition signed print from the big guy himself inserted into 30 randomly chosen vinyl sleeves.

Check the Moine Dubh Record Label Launch at The House of St Barnabas right here for a taster…

Andrew Weatherall's Moine Dubh is now taking subscriptions here and the first release is due for September. 

Surprised he's entertaining facebook for this but low and behold there is a page here too.