If you start a sentence with the word iTunes, do you make the i a capital letter? And if you dont does that mean that Apple have managed to smash through the rules of grammar just because they can ? Phew, pretty heady stuff. I was thinking about iTunes because apparently they made AMs album one of the indie albums of the year in 2006. What does that even mean ? That it sold shit loads of copies? Oh, wait, no, it means that, according to the press release every song from the record was culled for use in American movies and TV shows, such as MTVs The Hills. The indie equivalent of Mobys Play then. This kind of put me off listening to Self Preservation but having finally managed to dredge my ears over it, I can report that its competent jangly indie inspired by 80s British bands with far smaller fan bases and generally worse teeth. It hovers between the insipid and the catchy and maybe theyve got a great song in em, but I cant help feeling Id be better off listening to Orange Juice.

Ian Mcquaid

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