Alexis Le-Tan and Tom Colebrook release edit package for refugee aid


Under the moniker ALTC, Alexis Le-Tan and Tom Colebrook have released a collection of edits on Bandcamp to raise money for Aid Box Community, a Bristol-based charity supporting refugees and asylum seekers.

Marking the sixth volume in 44,100hz Social Club’s Social(ist) edit series, the reworks showcase their appreciation for old, psychedelic sounds spanning Goa trance, ritualistic slow burners, new beat, low slung oddities and acid wobblers.

French producer and DJ Alexis Le-Tan is known for being a dab hand on the edit, releasing music for Bahnsteig 23, Les Edits Du Golem and Deep Cover, while UK DJ Tom Colebrook is a veteran of the Goa scene and works as a chief archivist.

The 14 tracks are available for free, or pay what you want, but the producers are urging people to donate to the important work of Aid Box if they’re able to.


Speaking about the release the pair said: “There was a folder that existed in the archive called ‘The Socialists’ and over time, as we pondered it, we began to understand the contents as taking on some sort of metaphor for a socialist arc of success and defeat, of growth and change, of hope and loss, of commitment and desertion, of lies and the truth, of battles and peace, emptiness and loss.

Alexis and Tom have put all the edits together in mix-form which you can listen to below.


Social(ist) Edits Volume 6. is out now on 44,100hz Social Club.