Alexander Geiger Launches ‘Fahrland’ Alias With ‘Mixtape Vol. 1’


Alexander Geiger, the multifarious composer best known for a slew of hedonistic, guitar-riddle synth pop releases in the early 2000s under the alias Nass, is set to break an eight-year hiatus with the drop of an album under new moniker Fahrland. Taking the irregular tropes of his Nass era and combining them with what's found on the very peripharies of his sonic pallette, Mixtape Vol. 1 is the result of an overdue move from sleepless Berlin to Fahrland; a lushly forested area of countryside near Potsdam.

Returning to Kompakt for its release, Fahrland weaves a narrative through freedom, friendship and love and uses these concepts to explore humanity's relationship with technology. Led by his own affected vocals and featuring contributions from Mz Sunday Luv, Mixtape Vol. 1 is out on April 13th. See a full tracklist and stream 'Plastic People' feat. Mz Sunday Luv below.

A1/01. Get Up
A2/02. Suspension
A4/04. Beggin feat. Mz Sunday Luv
A5/05. Plastic People feat. Mz Sunday Luv
A6/06. 5/4
B1/07. Yesterday feat. Mz Sunday Luv
B2/08. Friends Forever
B3/09. Sky So High
B4/10. L AND H
B5/11. Windshield Gently Wipers
B6/12. Get Down
13. Continuous Album Mix (DIGITAL ONLY) 

Mixtape Vol. 1 will be available to buy HERE

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