Albert Ayler’s “New Grass” LP to be reissued


The cosmic jazz extravaganza will be made available once again by Third Man Records. Released originally in 1969 the album has been deemed an inspiration on the jazz circuit for intertwining the roots between R&B, Funk, Hip Hop, Post Punk and No Wave having inspired and influenced the likes of Pharaoh Sanders, Alice Coltrane, Funkadelic, Jungle Brothers, Red Krayola, Sonic Youth and Mark E. Smith. 

Albert described the album as being representative of “a different dimension of his life” and very much detached from some of his other musical offerings. 

A full tracklist can be seen below:

1. Message From Albert / New Grass
2. New Generation
3. Sun Watcher
1. New Ghosts
2. Heart Love
3. Everybody’s Movin
4. Free At Last

The LP will be re-released on vinyl. Pre order HERE