Afro-futurist collective, Fulu Miziki, share new track in run up to their debut EP

Fulu Miziki photo 2 SMALL

With their name roughly translating as ‘music from the garbage’, the debut EP from the Democratic Republic of Congo-formed group embodies their environmentalist ethos with up-cycled instruments built from jerry-cans, old flip flops and aluminium pipes.

‘Beta Ndule’ is high-energy, pulsating track driven by a syncopated rhythm and commanding vocal chants. It’s the third single issued in anticipation of the group’s debut EP, ‘Ngbaka’ which is set for release via Moshi Moshi next month.

After lockdown prompted Fulu Miziki to explore with different sounds, practices and methods, the Ngbaka EP departs from their more traditional-sounding style and sees the group experiment with electronica textures, as well as the aspects of American R’n’B and hip-hop. The product is a frenetic, percussion-led tour through the most ecstatic corners of rumba and soukous – native Congolese styles which are coupled with the synthetic processing and manipulated frequencies modern pop to create a truly idiosyncratic sound.

The lyrics on each track centre around issues such as climate change and police brutality and deliver a simple message: ‘love the earth you live on’.



You can listen to ‘Beta Ndule’, as well as the EP’s previously-released singles, ‘Bivada’ and ‘Ok Seke Bien’ here. The Ngbaka EP will be released in full on 18th February.