Actress, Call Super, Low Jack and Ricardo Villalobos remix Para One on sprawling compilation

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The Spectre project continues to grow with an expansive remix package forthcoming next month.

Para One’s ‘Spectre’ project was first unveiled in 2021 in the form of an album titled “Machines of Loving Grace”.

The French producer, musician and filmmaker was forced to “break away from patterns and systematisms of formats, and take unexpected turns – to do so, I had first to allow myself to do so.”

The result was a spectacular album which was since then adapted and made malleable having been expanded into a film and a live show.


Jean-Baptiste de Laubier is an artist who understands the importance of a “project” and was keen to ensure that ‘Spectre’ evolved into something beyond simply his own music. Now almost a year after the album’s first release he has announced a new remix package featuring some of the most creative and innovative musicians from across the spectrum of electronic music to reimagine the material.

Artists featured on the upcoming compilation include Actress, Low Jack, Call Super, Ricardo Villalobos, Sofie Birch, Elize, Hot Chip, Superpitcher and many more.

“SPECTRE: Machines of Loving Grace Remixes” will come out in three phases and will complete itself over 3 months.

Low Jack’s remix is now streaming online: