aCatfor lazers A CATFOR CALM


It’s still lazers Jim… only with extra added cats this week. Check the cat smiling. He must love those lazers… and he must love this beauty:

Semedo – Love Illusion (Capracara remix)

Jonny Capracara is one of those unsung heroes of left leaning electronic explorations. One of those amazing producers who just bubble under the surface of the mass medicority sneaking out little gems of tracks and remixes on such ridiculously great labels as Comeme, DFA, Fine Art and Soul. Keeping the lazers on full with this track Mr Burnip opens the track with a pounding tripped out key laden intro giving way to what can only be described as bass techno with soul… Make an album Jonny… put em all to shame! 

Weval – Somewhere (from the Half Age EP)
If only there was a loop function on Soundcloud… then I could put track 4 from Weval’s new outing on the wonderful atomnation on repeat all the time. Check the rest of the more ‘uptempo’ bits and pieces on the EP here.