Ableton 9.5, New Push Hardware & Link Function Announced


Exciting news for bedroom producers everywhere as Ableton have today announced the immediate release of the 9.5 software update, PUSH hardware and a new appropriately title feature called Link.

While the Ableton Live 9.5 free upgrade delivers a new arsenal of sounds, samples and instruments and improved waveform functions Ableton's 'Simpler' plug-in has been given a complete overhaul. Slice samples across the keyboard? 9.5 got you. Want built-in analog-modeled filters? That's all good. Shiny new interface IT'S ALL THERE. Furthermore, with a freshly announced PUSH controller allowing for yet more intuitive on the fly sampling and live improvisation, this is indeed welcomed news from the Ableton camp. 

Perhaps the most exciting news however is the unveiling of Link, a brand new feature that allows users to synchronise their devices and allow for seamless jam sessions and communal electronic experimentation. Basically helping you to pretend you're Tom Cruise in Minority Report Link wirelessly connects your iOS apps, iPads, iPhones and your primary workstation into one shared network, eradicating the need for MIDI cables and the stresses of untangling MIDI cables. Although no release date has been set just yet you can get a sneak peek of the new features below. 

All info on the new features and downloads of Ableton Live 9.5, PUSH and Link are available immediately from