A TRACK FOR LAZERS a TRack for Calm #4


Coma – My Orbit
For one of those moments of clarity when sleep has not been forthcoming and the morning sun is just in sight on the horizon… for that moment when you know you shouldn’t still be awake, this vindicates any doubts. Call it a lazer on the roof of a Balearic abode this week.
That and on a Thursday afternoon in the office very loud… sounds proper then n’ all. More wonderous beauty from Kompakt. Why can’t all record labels be like them?

Kit Grill – Expressions
Many years ago in a land far, far away lived the notion of a promo record. DJ’s (Disc Jockeys) and people of the print press would be sent them and asked if they might play them or write about them in their monthly publication. Then along came the internet and flooded people’s inboxes with every piece of music ever known to man and no one knew what to listen to or how to choose.
Last week Mr Grill emailed the site and said he had a record he’d like R$N to have a listen to. In my web 2.0 speak I said sure send over a soundcloud link and we’ll have a listen to it. No, no he said. He actually wanted to send me a copy of the record. Upon finding out we were just round the corner Mr Grill dropped the record round in person… a screen printed sleeve no less.
But enough about that, with excitement in our hands we placed the needle on said platter and low and behold; a thing of beauty and wonder. 
“A propulsive EP that takes a sharp breath of minimalist ideas from the likes of Aphex Twin and Terry Riley, honing it into a singular language that is warm, serene and highly evocative”. So says the sheet notes. I’m not going to get more eloquent so I’ll leave it at that. Oh and for those of you 2.0 people, here’s one these for your moments of calm. Check Three Mirrors & June for those very late night moments of calm.
Go buy this record… I didn’t but I would’ve done.