808 State Remaster Classic Albums For Cassette


In a curiously luddite move, 808 State have announced they plan to reissue their 2 finest moments – 1989's 'Ninety' and 1991's 'Ex:El' as remastered cassettes. The newly mixed versions will be released by Canadian based Artoffact Records in limited runs of 150. As well as featuring the original albums, both releases will come with a host of bonus tracks and be available in a variety of different colours (as shown in the headline image). Between them 'Ninety' and 'ex:el' contain some of the definining moments of the dawn of British rave, from the sax, pads, birdsong and bliss of 'Pacific' to the brutal, parent-scaring vamps of 'In Yer Face'. The bonus tracks are all culled from the '808 State Archives' release of 2010. Both tapes will be released on July 29th via Artoffact – pre order here.

Tracklists run as follows:
01. Magical Dream
02. Ancodia
03. Cobra Bora
04. Pacific 202
05. Donkey Doctor
06. 808080808
07. Sunrise
08. The Fat Shadow (Pointy Head Mix)
09. Pacific (Britmix)
10. Cobra Bora (Call The Cops Mix)
11. Donkey Doctor (Gmex Mix)
12. Boneyween
13. Kinky National
14. State To State
15. Revenge Of The Girlie Men
16. Magical Dream (Instrumental)

01. San Francisco
02. Spanish Heart feat. Bernard Sumner
03. Leo Leo
04. Qmart feat. Björk
05. Nephatiti
06. Lift
07. Ooops feat. Björk
08. Empire
09. In Yer Face (In Yer Face Mix)
10. Cübik (Original Mix)
11. Lambrusco Cowboy
12. Techno Bell
13. In Yer Face (Facially Yours Remix)
14. Olympic (Euro Bass Remix)
15. Lift (Heavy Mix)
16. Cübik (State To Pan AM Mix)
17. Open Your Mind (Sound Garden Mix)
18. Lambrusco Cowboy (Alt Mix)
19. Ski Family
20. Ooops (Mellow Birds Mix)
21. In Yer Face (Cheadle Royal Mix)
22. Olympic (Unreleased Mix)