Shit Robot’s Winter workout RANSOM NOTE MIX


This week's Ransom Note mix is a treat – Marcus 'Shit Robot' Lambkin has put together 12 tracks of finest quality house and techno to get you through the cold winter nights. being a generous sort, SR has gifted us some exclusives in the mix, including two new, as yet unheard bangers from the DFA Records stable, one from Marcus himself, the other from Factory Floor. Good job sir. Here's the full tracklist:

Eduardo De La Calle – Chaitanya – Anemone Recordings
Martyn – Jah Bedouin – Ostgut Ton
Factory Floor – Dial Me In – DFA
Shit Robot – Lose Control – DFA
Delano Smith – Odyssey – Sushitech
Tiger Stripes – Keep A Movin' – Desolat
Klockworks – Steady Plus (Ryan Elliott Edit) – Klockworks
Patrick Chardronnet – All I Got – Connaisseur Recordings
Masomenos – Ningessera feat. Curro Savoy – Welcome To Masomenos
Hector – Haunted – Tsuba
Rekord 61 – Vostok (Spencer Parker Workmix) – Konstruktiv
Maurizio – Ploy (UR mix) – M

Listen now, and learn about Lambkin's worst ever personal injury (and other such gems) in the interview below…

Where was the mix recorded?

At home. 

What would be the ideal setting to listen to the mix?

I recently quit smoking and have been going for a lot of bike rides in a forrest near where I live for exercise. This mix is made up of a lot of stuff I've been listening to while on those rides and I wanted to make a mix that was good for exercising. Something that keeps going at a steady pace but has little rests built in while building toward the peak and a nice wind down at the end.

What should we be wearing?


Describe it's sound without using the letter 'e'

Doop Groovy Housa and Tachno.

What's the peak high point hands-aloft record on there?

Patrick Chardronnet's "All I Got" always puts a smile on my face or Spencer Parker's mix of Vostok, that's a stomper.

We heard Ireland was thinking of decriminalising drugs. Good idea?

Hmmm… It's great that people are not going to prison, but having drugs available to everyone without some sort of support system is not the best idea. 

Who or what is the shittest robot of all time?

There was an amazingly shit robot in Logan's Run, he was really crap.

You've got a track on DFA called Lose Control. What's the most you've ever lost control? Were there terrible consequences ?

Other than getting a bit too drunk sometimes I'm usually pretty good at keeping things under control, so luckily there hasn't been any terrible consequences. 

In fact, what is the worst personal injury you've ever sustained?

Ok, so I did lose control this one time. When I was living in NY I was riding my bike across the Williamsburg bridge and I was coming down the exit way too fast. I thought I was being super clever and cool, but the traffic light changed and to avoid smashing into pedestrians crossing the street I had to brake so hard that I went over the handlebars and landed directly on my head. I wasn't wearing a helmet and I smashed the top of my head on the ground so hard that I chipped my teeth. I think that was the worst because I'm pretty sure I came very close to killing myself that day.

And are you any good in a fist fight?


What's your answer to everything?


Is there anything else we need to discuss?

We could discuss my new album coming out on DFA in April? We could have a chat about my new single, "OB-8", coming out on DFA in January? Or, we could discuss the single "Rishi" coming out on KitJen Records link from Stuttgart at the end of the month, take your pick.

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