The Pirate Hotmix: Papa Nugs

5 Minute Read
Papa Nugs Press Shot 2024 2024-01-06 at 10.14.51 (2)

Strap in for a fast paced edition of the series as Papa Nugs weaves and wanders between breaks and beyond for a special hotmix.

This series has seen us team up with Pirate Studios to spotlight artists and challenge them to a quick fire mix showcasing as many blends, transitions, tips and tricks as possible in a short time.

Papa Nugs is up next, a DJ who is killing at the moment having just come back from an international tour. Arguably one of the busiest out there, his roots lie in Jungle but more recently he has switched things up, drawing for more of a stable driven 4/4 approach with sporadic, intermittent breaks chucked in there for equal measure.


A keen record collector with a pride and love for digging makes his selections unique and interesting.

This mix and interview was recorded at Pirate Studios in Dalston and demonstrates a no holds barred approach in the booth as it bounces between styles and sounds with grace and finesse. This one is a whole lot of fun and is sure to keep the head nodding.

Watch the interview and enjoy the exclusive Pirate Hotmix below:


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