Slam: The Ransom Note Mix


Here’s something just a little bit special…

Ahead of Riverside Festival in Glasgow this coming September we have been blessed with a series of mixes from some of the best and most influential dj’s in the city. There is no better place to start really than with Slam, the dj duo extraordinaire who have contributed a lifetime to techno. The pair remain two of the most prominent dj’s on the circuit and over the years have established a fierce reputation for their approach to the genre. Their own record label Soma, which they founded alongside Dave Clarke and Glenn Gibbons, has released some of the most crucial music from within the realm of techno and has been a home to musicians like The Black Dog, Surgeon, Deepchord, Daft Punk, Gene Farris, Schatrax, Silicone Soul and many, many more. 

Longstanding residents at the infamous night Pressure the pair have worked alongside some of the biggest and best in the business. However there are stories to be told about their roots as promoters of the Atlantis and their own ‘Slam’ parties in Glasgow in the 90’s. 

As producers the pair continue to push boundaries, releasing music with great consistency, continually managing to reinvent and approach the studio in the pursuit of something new. 

This is a special mix, Slam a special pair. Strap in… 

Catch Slam at Riverside Festival this summer in Glasgow HERE