R$N Presents: The Noonday Underground Mix With Crucial & Fresh


General Public & Ransom Note bring you the Noonday Underground.

A term coined to capture the bizarre energy of sunday, day Northern Soul dancers in the late 70's, now a monthly live mix series come sunday social.

We champion acts that bubble away just bellow the surface giving opportunity to the lesser known Dj's as well as giving praise to the more established artists on the underground dance music scene.

Each selector has an hour (ish) slot to record. That mix is then rleased for your listening pleasure on a weekly basis for the following month on the Ransom Note website.

Next up is NDU…

first record you bought? 

T ~ Ludacris – Area Codes
G ~ Raiders of the Pop Charts Vol. 1

what record never leaves your bag?

T ~ Mory Kante – Yé ké yé ké" (Afro Acid Mix) – face melter.
G ~ Jack J: Something (On my Mind), love the way it can instantly change the feel of a room.

what are you listening to at the moment?

T ~ the Art of Noise and the new Pilot Wings album
G ~ Coolin Ep. By Benedek

favorite venue?

T ~ Sneaky Pete's in Edinburgh – DJing in there is an experience.
G ~ The Pickle Factory – Our london HQ

dream rider?

2 bottles of Tequila, Soda, Ice and 1000 fresh limes, delivered in a wheel barrow filled with windup chattering teeth.

A time machine, one record, one place… where and when? 

G ~ I can't remember the night, so I would travel to the future, in the hope of discovering something mind altering and fresh. I would then buy loads of copies and bring them back to play. It will be like when Biff finds the sport almanac in Back to the Future, but instead of a dystopian society, everyone will be dancing around living a really happy lives listening to mad tracks from the FUTURE (providing I make good selections ).

death row meal?

T ~ Scampi, Chips & beans
G ~ Scampi, Chips & peas

back to yours, who's coming dead or alive? 

T ~ Pete Burns 
G ~ The entire ZZ Top ensemble, with instruments.

best fact?

G ~ The longest distance a deepwater lobster has been recorded to travel is 225 miles
T ~ Pete Burns 

where can we find you?


Whats next for Crucial & Fresh? 

We are throwing our last New Business party of the year at The Pickle Factory this Saturday. We've got Love On The Rocks label boss Paramida and Lobster Theremin's DJ Sonikku coming down to play

New Business has allowed us to explore immersive 360 flyers as an extension of the art work, welcome to the future.

As well as nights in London we have a hand in party called TEESH in Edinburgh's Sneaky Pete's. Next week the Maghreban comes
To town,

There's lots lining up nicely for 2017, look out for another Pickle Factory announcement early next week….

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