The latest Ransom Note Influences Mixtape comes from the marvellous Fujiya & Miyagi. Here's what Steve Lewis (Fujiya) had to say about the mixtape;
"I started to get into Electronic music about 1993, before then I was a bit of an indie kid. I’m from Chelmsford in Essex. Although I’m not saying that Chelmsford is anyway some sort of hub for mid nineties electronic music there was a little scene going on and some people I knew doing really great stuff including Tom Jenkinson ( Squarepusher ) and Railway Raver who used to be on Aphex Twin’s rephlex label. Also another friend had a label called Spymania. I then moved to Brighton around this time where electronic/dance music scene was massive. Although it was a little hedonistic it was a lot of fun and it completely changed the way I listened to music from then on.
The tracks on this mixtape is some of the stuff I would have been listening to at the time. I quickly sold my Les Paul guitar and bought a Sampler. Luckily, I’m still obsessed by Synths and Samplers to this day."

Catch Fujiya & Miyagi Tonight (10th June) at XOYO, June 11th at Thekla, Bristol or June 13th at Deaf Institute, Manchester. Their album Artificial Sweeteners is out now.